The project «School-University» promotes the implementation of innovative management in the school system in Kazakhstan

On April 29, 2016 at JSC KAZGUU University was held an advanced national seminar on the topic “The formation of innovative management in education” with participation of the representatives of MES RK and heads of school organizations of Astana and from all regions of the country.

In the seminar topical issues of the school system, on the whole the process of reforming the educational sphere were discussed, the experience of the work to improve the educational process in schools and lyceums of the republic were studied.

The representatives of specialized departments of the country (MES) announced the following statistics: today the Kazakhstani education is confidently positioned in international rankings. According to the World Economic Forum, we ranked 32 in the world on key indicators: “The quality of education system”, “The level of teaching scientific disciplines in schools”, “The level of university education” and “Education Management”. Kazakhstan is on the 45th place on the world rankings in “The quality of primary schools”. Meanwhile, as noted Serik Ersaliev, the president of JSC Information Analytical Center of MES RK in his report, Kazakhstan lags behind developed countries for 20 years in the development of school education content.  

In particular, “State standards on the experience of NIS, the transition to 12-year school in our country have been approved only in the 2015-2016, whereas in the world this process took place in 1996”.

Also, as the PISA results show “The Kazakhstani pupils lag behind their peers from OECD countries in mathematics for 1.5 years, in natural science for 2 years, in reading for 2.5 years”, the head of IAC informed the participants. “If we consider the position of school teachers in the context of career, we have an old system of certification in the country. Also, the average salary of teachers today worldwide is $ 3.6 thousand -. 85-88% of the average wage, while in Kazakhstan, teachers receive 77 thousand tenge ($ 221) -. 61% of the average wage in the country “, – S. Ersaliev concluded.  

Currently to remedy the situation and implement the formation process of innovative management joint projects between the higher and secondary educational institutions are being realized. The project “School-University” can be one of the best examples of successful partnership format, being implemented by KAZGUU University since the beginning of this year.  

Within its framework memorandums of cooperation with schools of Astana, which students show good results in the Unified National Test, were signed.

According to the agreement, leading professors of the University conduct guest lectures and educational seminars in schools of Astana. This approach, as the world practice shows, not only has an impact on the accelerated implementation of innovation management in the educational process, but also significantly increases the qualification of teachers of school organizations.

In their turn, the representatives of KAZGUU University informed the seminar participants about the processes of optimization of innovative management, introduction of continuous improvement culture – lean management in education and other areas of education activities.

At the end of the seminar, all participants were awarded with personal certificates signed by Talgat Narikbayev, the Rector of JSC KAZGUU University.