Rafael Kabanbayev, head of freight forwarding company, the businessman:


“First of all, I want to draw attention to the strongest part in the organization of MBA courses in KAZGUU, it is great teaching staff! I had the opportunity to learn from such competent professionals as the Sayasat Nurbek, Samat Panov, Dinara Iskakova and other talented and successful people of Kazakhstan. Each MBA graduate got a huge store of theoretical and practical knowledge, which allows them to be a cut above the other professionals in their field. The result will be achievements and rapid progress up the career ladder. In addition, as in my case, this knowledge on a daily basis helps solve many everyday problems. I seem to get a reliable tool in the form of knowledge, skills and connections, which allows me to go through life easily, confidently and not worry about tomorrow”.

Mini-MBA is an intensive program of professional training in the field of management, it is an important step before MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Education on the course will be true for those who are planning to move up the career ladder, to get a job at national or foreign company, start own business or improve an existing one, improve skills .

The goal of the program: To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to managers at all levels to achieve strategic goals of company; understanding of business as a whole in conjunction organizational, financial, marketing decisions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of business.

Mini MBA program helps to obtain the maximum amount of knowledge quickly on the most functional areas of business activity.

program consists of seven modules.

7 modules – 3 or 4 subjects in each module.

  • Module 1. Corporate management
  • Module 2 Financial management
  • Module 3: Strategic Management
  • Module 4: Operational Management
  • Module 5: International Management
  • Module 6. Innovative Management
  • Module 7. Legal environment of business

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be given a certificate from KAZGUU University Business School and it allows to enter MBA program with affordable passes.

Terms: 6-7 months.

Form of study: full-time-evening