KAZGUU University Business School goals:

  • To train future top-managers, who own modern management and leadership technologies, deals with all aspects of business and able to manage and develop in competitive environment
  • To develop competitiveness of KAZGUU University Business School, both onnational and international market of business education;
  • To develop business and research activity;
  • Social support of business sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KAZGUU University Business School objectives:

  • To provide high-qualitative and affordable education to Business School students;
  • to invite foreign and home business coaches with extensive professional experience, appropriate education and innovative approach to teaching;
  • to prepare necessary documentation to receive international accreditation;
  • to work on regular improve of competitiveness and Business School promotion;
  • tosearch new foreign partners for joint projects, such as double-degree program, internship, publications, etc .;
  • to attractnew prospective students and corporate partners;
  • to organize social support to business sector on the basis of “Business Incubator” project;
  • to develop “Business clinic” project, by inviting national and foreign scholars experts to periodic publication of case studies and projects of students;
  • to open the Club of School Directors in order to develop leadership skills andexchange experience;
  • to develop researches in the field of business, oil and gas industry and other key sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan;
  • toanalyze the market of business education in Kazakhstan and abroad.