DLT/Blockchain ecosystems

Date: 22.02.2018
Venue: 402
Time: 18.30
Topic: “DLT/Blockchain ecosystems”
Business School KAZGUU has the pleasure of inviting students and colleagues to a guest lecture entitled “DLT/Blockchain ecosystems” to be delivered by Professor Bruno Meireles de Sousa
Please find below a brief profile of the speaker:
Bruno Meireles de Sousa
• MSc, MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt, PhD (candidate) in Digital Transformation.
• 20 years of international professional experience.
– Independent Consultant in Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, Digital Transformation and Blockchain.
– Mentor of Accelerator and Incubation programs such as Techstars & SBC and Advisorof several startups and VCs.
– Cargill (USA Conglomerate of Agriculture, Food, Industrial and Energy).
• Head of Global Marketing & Business Development.
– Philips (NL Conglomerate of Lighting, Medical, Semiconductors and Consumer Electronics).
• Head of Global Marketing & Business Development.
– ENI & Nissan
• 10 years of international lecturing experience.
– Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Digital Transformation, Innovation & Blockchain.
– National, International Universities and Corporate Training.
– Portugal, USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, China.
We are looking forward to all of you!