KAZGUU Business School implements quality education and provides practical skills necessary for leaders and top managers for effective and successful management of changes in organizations of both Kazakhstan and international scale.

The Master of Business Administration program of KAZGUU Business School is aimed to provide graduates with knowledge, skills, and competencies required in development and implementation of business strategies of companies and institutions; the program focuses on providing students with practical skills.

The objective of the program is to equip graduates with the following learning outcomes:

  • to understand and analyze business strategies, markets, theories, models in the modern business environment;
  • to analyze, evaluate, develop corporate, business and functional strategies of the company taking into account internal and external factors;
  • to possess the skills of business analysis for decision-making in today’s rapidly changing business environment;
  • to form a complete perception of the theory and techniques required in the increasingly complex modern business, evaluate contemporary development in new technologies;
  • to demonstrate a high level of leadership, effective communication, problem- solving, negotiation, team building skills;
  • to be able to implement modern international managerial approaches to national market;
  • to identify ethical perspectives and implement best practices on the social responsibility and ethics.

The Doctor Business Administration degree programme focuses on training students at an advanced level in specific fields of study in order for them to assume positions of leadership in research in contemporary business position, teaching, and service in industry, business, and government. Another main objective of this programme is to make influence on the development of national business and state administration.

DBA programme focus on providing doctoral candidates with knowledge and skills which will be demonstrated in the following learning outcomes:

  • to demonstrate advanced knowledge and systematic understanding of the business theories and ability to critically apply to contemporary business issues;
  • to synthesize fundamental crucial issues related to the local business equipped with comparative analyze of international experience;
  • to identify certain research problem and apply certain quantitative and qualitative research methods implemented in business research to solve certain business issues;
  • to identify new methods of researches and its implementation and application in independent research activity in business sphere and coordinate with current managerial experience;
  • to apply legal critical thinking analyses, evaluation and synthesis of new findings into researches and apply this experience to their workplace;
  • to implement these skills in independent research in the field of leadership, management, business, organizational behavior.